We Believe…

Actions speaks louder than words
In progress over paperwork
That our projects breathe personality
In humour and fun times


 You’re looking for development project managers with multidisciplinary expertise, unbeatable work ethic, and personality?

Congratulations, you found us.


You want actions. Not words. So do we.

Here at Ellipsis, we’ve believe strongly that actions speak louder than words. This approach means we’ve built a reputation that wins us projects based on merit alone – no tender necessary.


 You shouldn’t have to compromise when hiring project managers – and here’s why you don’t have to

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01. Extensive multidisciplinary knowledge + expertise (a.k.a so many years of cross-sector experience we even shocked ourselves)

You expect results and a return on your investment. And that’s what you can expect us to deliver, every time, thanks to the in-house knowledge and experience we have in public sector, private sector, third sector, local authority, and affordable housing. Anything you’re unsure about, don’t have time to research, or don’t have time to do, we’ll handle for you. With us as your expert partners, your project will progress faster without anything slipping through the cracks.


02. Unbeatable work ethic

You want a development partner who lives and breathes your projects. We work whenever we need to, for as long as we need to. (No, we don’t bill extra for the contagious energy we bring to the table.) When you choose us, unbeatable work ethic is a non-negotiable part of the package. You should be warned, though, we’re much better at getting on with the actual work than organising unnecessary meetings.


03. Unlimited capacity

Want to know a secret? We keep our firm deliberately smaller… but we never run out of capacity. Some of our clients can’t believe the amount of work we handle so meticulously, but we’ve built a unique business model that allows us to hire exceptional people when we need them, approach the workload in an efficient and adaptable way, and provide you with a personal service that cuts time wasting, not corners. We’re planning and project managers, after all, and we practice what we preach by being on top of your project at all times – without farming any work out to juniors who don’t know your project like the back of their hand.


04. Personality and sense of humour

You’re human, we’re human, and as much as we all love to work, we also love to have a good time doing it. We won’t bore you with reams of spreadsheets, we’ll get on with those behind the scenes and keep the energy as upbeat as a Michael Jackson song. If you call us, we’ll immediately address you by name and know everything about your project – without irritating you by searching our system for a job number. After a while, we’ll know in advance why you’re calling us anyway. (Remember when we said we lived and breathed our projects? We meant it.)


 Your results-focused partners

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Stephanie Moffat, Founder + Managing Director

Hi, I’m Steph and I founded Ellipsis in 2015 after 20 years of working in both social housing and development project management. I spent 8 years at Taylor Wimpey as the Technical & Planning Director in two regions, and then Project Director for two large-scale projects based in the South West. My diverse background has allowed me to make Ellipsis an independent project management company with the experience and expertise you’d expect from a big organisation, but none of the red tape, unnecessary delays, or cross-selling to serve our own interests. When you need large-scale project management, I’ll be the lead, supported by Project Director, Kam, and our team of Project Co-ordinators and Administrators.


Kamljit Chana, Project Director

Hi, I’m Kam, and I joined Ellipsis with an extensive background in social and physical regeneration schemes across the East and South East. I work across all our projects, taking the lead on delivering planning conditions and requirements and S106 obligations on major projects, producing Residential market research reports, and I undertake all our Community Management work.


We think we’re the best team to have in your corner. If you like what you’re reading, come take a look at the services we can offer you.
The personality that comes with them is free.

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