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Your workload is too large or your resource levels are too low and you need support from an experienced team of development experts who can take the pressures of delivery off your shoulders and bring nothing but relentless energy, genuine solutions, and action to the table.

That’s exactly what we do here at Ellipsis every day, so you can focus on the other 164758 tasks you have to complete – and still get home in time for dinner. (We hear that the taste of Sweet Relief is on the menu today.)


 Project Management and Planning services

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Project Management

You’re seeking knowledge-rich partners adept at navigating the numerous complex challenges that large-scale projects bring and managing everything from acquisition to starting on site to completion. You not only need them to have the tools and systems for managing programmes and fees, you also need them to recognise your project’s individual needs, and consider everything from the unique landowner and site to the internal pressures you may face.

We’ve project managed some of the largest residential development sites in the South of England (though we work all over the UK) and our focus is always on 1) understanding our partners’ unique objectives, 2) consistently driving the project forward with a developer mindset, and 3) delivering results on programme that exceed even the highest expectations.

This approach is how we win work without having to tender, and why we have partners keep coming back to us with new projects.



Good planning is key to maximising the value of land. You’re looking for a team with significant experience of negotiating and delivering planning consents (outline, detailed, and reserved matters) including managing the entire process from appointing the consultant project team through to negotiating the S106 agreement.

We’ve managed planning applications on sites from twenty dwellings to nine hundred for reserved matters, and 3,000 for outline applications.

We can also review existing planning consents and rework these to add more value by re-planning areas to suit market conditions, reducing or changing the affordable housing requirement, or renegotiating the S106 agreement. We can also review existing land assets and seek out any planning opportunities to make the most of those land assets.


Other services 

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Affordable Housing

As a developer, you want to maximise the value of affordable housing. Managing the disposal of affordable housing and securing a percentage income of the site value is vital to cash flow. We have significant experience in dealing with affordable housing and can source offers, manage the legal contracts, and agree the specifcation and payment schedules.   

We have successfully delivered several large scale disposals with higher than regular upfront payments for land, allowing sites to start with a positive cash flow, deliver forward sales (when disposing of private homes to RPs), and bring in desired numbers at year end.



If you think you may have a S106 where payments have not been spent, that is over 10 years old, we can review each payment you made and ask the local authorities to evidence that they have used the payment. If they can’t, we seek repayment of those contributions for you.  

We also monitor S106 agreements for developers. In some businesses, this important task falls between technical and commercial and is often not scheduled, not managed correctly, or gets missed completely. We produce a tracker, ordered by trigger date, and manage what needs to be done for you, including obligations.


Residential market research reports

Residential market research reports can assist developers and land promoters with their land appraisals and assumptions on sales values. We will thoroughly review the local housing market in the area you’re acquiring sites, provide competitor analysis, recent sales achieved prices, supply and demand data, and current help to buy data, and put everything into a clear and comprehensive report for you in just one week.


Community Management Plans

We are seeing more and more Local Authorities requiring Community Management Trusts to be set up to look after open spaces, rather than the obligation (and cost burden) being on the Local Authority to adopt and maintain them. If this is the case for you, we can set up and manage these for you.


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